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Car Accidents

You need experienced legal help following a car accident that injured you or your loved one. In fact, you can’t afford not to have a knowledgeable and dedicated personal injury representation legal team by your side. Insurance companies have lawyers ready to make sure that they pay as little as possible following an accident. At the Law Offices of Gary R. Weinberg, P.C., our job is to make sure you get as much compensation as possible for your injuries.
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Bus and Train Accidents

New Yorkers from all five boroughs and Long Island have turned to our personal injury firm for years. We work quickly and aggressively to help them sort through their medical needs, negotiate with insurance companies for fair settlements, and fight for them in court when we have to.
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Lead Poisoning Cases

As a parent, you do everything to protect your child’s health. However, Some things are out of your control, and if your child’s health has been affected by exposure to lead, we’re here to help you.

Many buildings in New York have unsafe levels of lead, mostly in the form of old lead-based paint. Young children and pregnant women are especially susceptible to the effects of exposure to high lead levels, and children can suffer serious, even permanent physical and mental damage.
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No Fault Cases

New York is one of the few states that require personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, also known as no-fault insurance. This coverage can make it easier to get immediate compensation for certain injuries, but it is often necessary to file a separate legal action to recover for pain, suffering, and other financial losses.
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Police Brutality Wrongful Imprisonment

We know that the police are supposed to protect us. We also know that sometimes they go outside the law when confronting, arresting and jailing people.

Mistreatment by an arresting officer or jailer is a serious constitutional issue. When physical injury results, however, people may also have a civil claim against those responsible for their mistreatment.
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Slips and Trips Premises Liability

Never think that an accident is too minor to seek experienced legal help. If you were seriously injured on someone else’s property and think negligence might have played a role, you deserve to speak with a lawyer to learn if you have a case.

At the Law Offices of Gary R. Weinberg, P.C., we focus on helping New Yorkers injured by negligence. Personal injury attorney Gary Weinberg has represented plaintiffs for more than 30 years, achieving results for hardworking people and fighting for them so that they don’t have to pay the price for someone else’s negligence.
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Wrongful Death

At the Law Offices of Gary R. Weinberg, P.C., we have been helping clients and their families in Brooklyn, and throughout New York City, with personal injury claims for more than 30 years. Our commitment to providing compassionate and results-minded legal help matters the most when we represent families who have lost loved ones in accidents involving negligence.
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Please take a moment to review your experience with us. Your feedback not only helps us, it helps other potential clients.