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Lawyers Taking On Negligent Medical Providers
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Lawyers Taking On Negligent Medical Providers

We call it a health care system because its obligation is helping us to achieve optimal health. Unfortunately, you may have been one of those who went to a medical care provider because you were hoping to alleviate an illness, injury or condition through treatment, medication or surgery. Instead your plight is that your physician, surgeon, or other medical provider has left you worse off than you were before.

Now what do you do and where do you turn when health care turns into a nightmare?  It may be too late to reverse the damage done to your health or your potential to enjoy life as you had hoped. You need someone to advise you about what you can do to compensate for this negligence. Additionally, you may need help in regards to holding those responsible for your condition. the pain they’ve caused, and your diminished quality of life.

For more than 30 years Attorney Gary R. Weinberg has helped injured New Yorkers get the compensation they need and deserve. We know the damage medical malpractice can cause to trusting patients, leaving them with painful, lifelong, and expensive injuries. Should the patient end up paying the price of medical malpractice and its monetary consequences, the Law Offices of Gary R. Weinberg, P.C., is dedicated to making sure they don’t have to.

We’re a local law firm helping malpractice victims throughout Brooklyn, including Flatbush, Red Hook, Crown Heights, and all other parts of New York City. The first thing you should do is to call our office at 718-797-3950 to schedule a no-obligation case evaluation at no cost to you. We’ll tell you where you stand under the law and what you can do about it.

We Know The Law, And We Know How To Fight.

Medical malpractice claims can arise from all kinds of situations, including but not limited to:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Injury during surgery

Where you stand legally is dependent on whether or not you have a valid malpractice claim against your medical provider. A valid claim means you may be eligible to receive various types of compensation as a result of negligence that worsened your condition. You may file for direct medical costs, reduced earning capacity, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Attorney Gary Weinberg and his team know how to build strong cases by compiling significant medical evidence, working with independent medical experts, and other professionals. You’ll need an experienced team with access to expert witnesses, and other resources, to fight for your rights for doctors, hospitals, and their insurance companies have lawyers on call to defend them.


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You probably have paid enough of a price by the time you decide to consult a malpractice attorney, but it will cost you nothing to learn if you have a medical malpractice claim in New York. If we take your case, you pay nothing in attorney’s fees until we win compensation for you.

Contact Brooklyn medical malpractice attorney Gary Weinberg today: Send an Email or call 718-797-3950.

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Please take a moment to review your experience with us. Your feedback not only helps us, it helps other potential clients.